Turn the ‘out of office’ on and leave the high heels at home. Join the simple life with sand between your toes, sunshine on your back and fresh food in your belly. Time moves slower in Apollo Bay.

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Shoes not required - Apollo Bay beach

On the shores of a 3km long eastern facing beach, Apollo Bay provides safe, patrolled (during peak periods) waters for swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, sand castle building and beach cricket.

Starting at the South end of the beach, Point Bunbury and the harbour wall create a protected bay best suited for families and leisurely bathers. This is the area patrolled by the Apollo Bay Life Saving Club during the summer months and popular weekends.

Moving north away from the breakwater of Point Bunbury, the swell starts to build, providing space for the coastal staples of surfing and fishing. In relative terms, surf remains small to moderate along this stretch of coast, providing fun and relatively safe conditions, although caution is recommended as rips along with wave size build the further north you travel.

For more information about conditions and patrol activities, visit the Beach Safe website.

Website: beachsafe.org.au

Families that play together...

With calm waters and pristine beaches, families visiting Apollo Bay need no more than a beach towel, bat and ball to enjoy an incredible coastal holiday. But if it is family exploration you are looking for, Apollo Bay has that too.

Climb into the tree top canopy at the Otway Fly for a day of wonder, education and if you like, adrenalin. Located under an hours drive from Apollo Bay, the Treetop Walk takes you 30m above the rainforest floor to places usually reserved for birds and tree dwellers. Take the next step and swing from tree to tree like Tarzan with the 2.5 hour Zipline Eco Tour.

With your feet back on the ground, adventure around Apollo Bay continues with plenty of picturesque bays and rock pools full of shells, sea creatures and memories of a coast littered with shipwrecks. Just 6 kilometers south of Apollo Bay, descend the stairs of Shelly Beach to arrive at a 300m stretch of opening coast. If it is a swim you are after, visit Shelly Beach at low tide to explore the rock pools and gullies. Swimming is otherwise not recommended.

Help guide ships around the treacherous Southern Ocean with a visit to the Cape Otway Lightstation. The lighthouse was opened in 1848 along with a string of other Bass Straight beacons after the Cataraqui ran aground in 1845. Whilst visiting the lighthouse, be sure to share a story with the Gadubanud people (traditional landowners) at the nearby Mia Mia talking hut.

And then of course, no beach holiday is complete without a trip to the ice-creamery. In Apollo Bay, that ice-creamery is the award winning Dooley's Ice Cream located in the centre of town on the Great Ocean Road. Award winning flavours include milo, honey malt, lemon curd and blood orange sorbet.....the Vegemite ice cream is a must try!


Family Playing on the Beach
Kayaking in Apollo Bay

Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary

Just past Apollo Bay, off the world famous Great Ocean Road, Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary protects 12ha of ocean waters. About 150m offshore, this sanctuary protects a reef system known as Little Henty Reef. Two sections of the reef, the inner and outer reef, are usually exposed and separated by a narrow channel known as ‘The Gap’. Composed of sandstone they support wonderful intertidal and sub-tidal reefs which are packed with sea life.

Visitors exploring the intertidal reef may come across many invertebrates including sea snails, tubeworms and abalone. In slightly deeper waters there are beautiful seaweed gardens including towering Bull Kelp forests and beds of delicate green and red species. Between the two small islands, calmer waters support colourful soft corals, sponge gardens and sea urchins. The diverse range of habitats provides resources for a huge range of species including Australian Fur Seals, schools of Zebra Fish and many species of wrasse.

Visitors can access Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary by a short swim from shore (making sure to check sea conditions and being mindful of rips) or via boat (launching point in Apollo Bay). Please note that access to the reef is permitted only on Little Henty reef (closest to the shore). Access to the outer reef is restricted and is for management purposes only due to the Australian Fur Seals that inhabit the reef.

Snorkelling, diving or kayaking

Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary is an excellent site for both scuba diving and snorkelling. Closer to shore is a great site for beginner snorkellers if conditions are good, whereas further out can be more challenging due to ocean swell.

Click here for Park Notes on Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary


Apollo Bay Surf & Kayak

Paddle out to the Seal Colony viewing the coasts beautiful hills and Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary from the ocean.

Address: 157-159 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay
Phone: +61 405 495 909

Apollo Bay Fishing & Adventure Tours

Fishing and scenic adventures for the whole family. View the magical local breeding Seal Colony close up viewing the 70 year old shipwreck of the famous 'S.S. Casino' along the way.

Address: Apollo Bay Harbour, Breakwater Rd, Apollo Bay
Phone: +61 418 121 784

Surf 'n' Fish

Explore Apollo Bay and surrounding areas for some great dive spots ranging from the wreck of the S.S. Casino (sank July 1932) just off the shore at Apollo Bay, the wreck of the Fiji (ran aground May 1891) at Moonlight Head, to rocky inshore reefs & sponge gardens of Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary

Open daily from 9am - 5pm (6pm in summer)

Address: Shop 6/7,157 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay
Phone: +61 3 5237 6426